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Pleasure District 008 - Poison Arrow - Heart Drive / Nathan Jonson Remixes


Following the successful release of her debut EP If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Cut Your Face), Poison Arrow presents the remixes; this two-track EP with versions by Nathan Jonson and Pleasure District’s own Heart Drive (dBridge and Kid Drama) are cut to Dubplate by Tokyo’s Wax Alchemy for an extremely limited run of 50 copies.

Heart Drive’s long awaited reunion comes in the form of their Slow Bleed Mix; a throbbing, rhythmic arousal, with dislocated seductive vocalizations that tease your mind until it burst into a sudden red climax–evoking the spirit of the Colombian cantina for broken hearts that inspired the original title of “Casa Show”.

“Some people love, others bleed. I'm lost since I found you”. – Heart Drive

Nathan Jonson’s interpretation of If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Cut Your Face) is like a fever dream of the original, drifting in and out of consciousness while presenting a series of hallucinatory revelations. Falling In Love Even Though It’s A Trap Mix tips its hat to the heyday of electro while boldly predicting its future.

”Poison Arrow sent me this song. As it played I forgot the plot. I forgot the scene. Suddenly lost in the plot, lost in the moment, I took in the world that she painted around me, and my fingers dropped down to the keys.... Doing my best at making some sense of what was to come. You are so beautiful. You are so fucking beautiful”. – Nathan Jonson

Poison Arrow is the musical alter ego of Colombian multi-disciplinary artist Natalia Escobar. Her musical output deals with concepts around social imagination and mysticism in Colombian Carrilera music; a regional folk music that emerged in the coffee region as a catharsis for the broken hearted, and as a respite from the sometimes violent existence of the farmers working life. Her first release on Pleasure District, If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Cut Your Face) is inspired by La Cuchilla (The Razor Blade) a song made famous in 1980 by Las Hermanitas Calle, Colombian icons of Carrilera music. Poison Arrow provides a modern interpretation of this unique cultural heritage; slow, bass-heavy, skeletal beats paired with provocative vocals that bring this adopted mythology to life by rescuing its drama, passion, and dark humor.


A. Casa Show (Heart Drive's Slow Bleed Mix)

AA. If You Don't Love Me (Nathan Jonson's Falling In Love Even Though It's A Trap Mix)


*The vinyl format comes with a free download (zipped wav)

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