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EXITMINILP003 - Fixate 'What Goes Around' mini-LP - 2 x 12" Vinyl


1. Fixate - What Goes Around
2. Fixate- Tweeked
3. Fixate- Rumours
4. Fixate & Dismantle- Firewater
5. Fixate & Skeptical- The Rig Monkey
6. Fixate- Murderers Dance Too


Fixate has become a flagship artist for Exit Records. After two solo EPs, collabs with Chimpo and the anthem 'Throwback Therapy' he has become one of the most exciting artists within the genre.


He comes from a generation that isn't locked to a genre and it's very evident in his music, he is a child of UK electronic music innovation. His sound pallet sits firmly in the centre of drum n bass, jungle, dubstep and grime.


The 'What Goes Around' mini-LP project is a celebration of his sound and comes at a very exciting time for the artist and Exit Records.


*The vinyl format comes with a free download (zipped wav)

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