Cam McLaren aka Consequence was originally born in Toronto, Canada. Early on in life he moved to New Zealand, where he found his love of music. Early childhood experiments with a variety of instruments led to his love of composition and melody. Utilizing these elements in his current productions has given great variety in his sound and methods.

At the age of 17 he decided to leave NZ for London where he pursued a career in music and played in a band as lead guitarist, performing in a number of successful live shows which led to record deal for the band. During a number of recording sessions at the Olympic studios (world famous for recordings of Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin) he developed an interest in audio engineering and decided to move back to NZ to study this profession. He became focused on Electronic production, specifically drum & bass. In this time he honed his skills and took influence from his previous musical experiences.

As well as music production, Consequence is an accomplished club DJ, holding down residencies at NZ drum & bass haven, FU Bar, promoting and playing at Auckland club nights In-depth. Also nights such as Tech Support and Your Sound alongside artists such as Cern, Bulletproof, Teknik, Menace, Dose, Logistics, Phantom, Presha and performed at New Zealand’s biggest drum & bass festival, Phat which attracts over 8000 people. He has also established his own night Polaroid, in Melbourne.

Now returning to UK shores in 2011, the Exit Records mainstay brings two new LPs for 2011 – the first of these, “Cancel Standard” under the alias They Live (with Joe Seven) is set to be released on the label in March.



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